Coding foils

Coding foils are used to stamp various markings onto product packaging by means of a coding Devise. These marking provide the consumer with important information, such as the expiration date, the production date, the weight, or the price.

KURZ coding foils are ideal for efficient product labeling and represent the very best in quality and performance. Our customers can choose from a diverse product line that includes a wide range of grades and colors. As a result, KURZ can satisfy even the most demanding requirements of modern product labeling.


Strong adhesion even on difficult materials such as PE, PA, PP, polyester, paper etc.
Recommended for all coding devices and all stamping machines with metal dies.
Precise definition. Good resistance against scratching.

Colors: 512 black, 511 white, 554 red, 509A green, 502 blue.


Suitable for cellophance, polyester, paper, PVC and other materials. Particularly
pronounced edge definition. Exceptionally good crease-proof properties. 

Colors: 512 black, 511 white, 514 beige, 502 blue, 554 red, 509 green, 503 Yellow.
Special colors: 303790 grey, 303791 red, 303792 orange.

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