Thermal Transfer Foils

Desktop or inline printers, flat head or near edge head - our program of Thermal Transfer Ribbons covers the suitable quality for every type of printer and almost every substrate. Customized designs, individual roll lengths, widths, cores and markings, test runs on different printers and substrates are possible.


K101, wax    
Very good application on all commonly available paper labels. Outstanding print quality even at very low printing energy


K200, wax/resin    
Good scratch and smudge resistance. Very good print quality on available label materials such as paper, PET and PE. 

K302, wax/resin    
This top-of-the-line product guarantees a print of high mechanical durability and outstanding transfer rates thanks to its special hybrid based formulation. When used with smooth label
surfaces made of paper, PE or PET, perfect print results can be achieved. Good scratch and
smudge resistance.


K500, resin    
Good results when tested for petrol and alcohol resistance. High resistance against scratch, smudge and temperature. 15 colors available.


K700, wax/resin  

This wax/resin-based near edge premium ribbon is recommended for use with coated paper and plastic. It allows contour-sharp and opaque printing and exhibits good surface durability. Printing speeds of up to 20 "/sec are possible.

K703, wax/resin    
Versatile near edge wax resin ribbon for desktop application. Allows accurate prints with
good blackness. Designed to give very good printing results on paper and on various plastic labels.

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