TTR for Plastic cards

KURZ thermal transfer ribbons
add a new dimension to
handling of flexible data.

We offer completely new options relating to appearance, personalization and security. 

Take a look and convince yourself of the many and varied possibilities offered by our product line with its different qualities.

K 500 

Standard quality brings color to card making. Suitable for standard applications and is available in 15 colors.

K 5000
This black ribbon for use on smooth plastic surfaces is an advanced version of the K500, but with even higher resistance properties. Scratch and abrasion resistance provides an extreme long durability, especially useful for important information data. 

K 503
A black resin ribbon for desk top card printers that requires low printing energy. 

Metallized transfer ribbons
These metallized thermal transfer ribbons create striking effects, on all smooth cards and PVC surfaces. Metalized effects are available in silver, gold, red and blue.

TTR K 8151

This transparent overlay increases the abrasion resistance of the thermal transfer print on plastic cards and prolongs their lifetime. Superior scratch, smudge and abrasion resistance. Very high ethanol and gasoline resistance.

TTR K 8350
This thermal transfer ribbon allows hidden information to get visible only under a UV light source. Then the print appears in blue color. Good abrasion resistance. Additional security against counterfeiting.

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