20.4. New practical guide to plastics decoration

The coating specialist Kurz has published a comprehensive work on surface finishing by means of hot stamping and related technologies. The universal reference, which bears the title "Kurz plastics Decoration Guide", is intended to support practitioners throughout the planning and implementation phases of decoration projects. Whether it be designers, marketing managers, specifiers or project engineers on the other hand, or product manufacturers or surface finishing companies on the other, the aim of this publication is to offer a reliable guide to all participants in the decoration process.

That Kurz has placed considerable importance on the practical relevance of this work is apparent, in particular, from the inclusion of a typology of applications. This section presents decoration solutions for a wide range of items, each imposing different requirements with respect to the substrate, part geometry and surface design. Besides in-depth information about the characteristics of the various decoration processes, the book also includes a comprehensive chapter on stamping dies and stamping machines. The contents are rounded off by a number of practical aids, for example formula to calculate the stamping pressure or the required foil quantity.

The Plastics Decoration Guide is available in both a German version and an English version. The guide can be purchased from Tavani Oy at a nominal charge of 39,00 EUR. Simply send an email: sales(at) .

7.2. Guide to Hot Stamping and Cold foil Transfer

Anyone searching for in-depth information on the print finishing technologies of hot stamping and cold foil transfer will now find what they are looking for. The stamping foil manufacturer Kurz has published a comprehensive work that covers all aspects of these technologies in detail.

The new book "Hot Stamping and Cold Foil Transfer – A Comprehensive Guide for the Graphics Industry" is directed towards all those around the world who are interested in these decoration techniques. It is intended to serve as a reference for old hands, while also being a handy guide for novices. The book contains not only technical tips for processors, printers and production managers, but also content that will give inspiration to designers and marketing specialists.  

New Guide can be purchased from Tavani Oy at a nominal charge of 39,00 EUR. 
To order a copy, simple send an email: sales(at)

9.1. Art in a box

The stamping foil manufacturer Kurz presented the premiere edition of its "Presentation” design and art box at this year's Luxepack. The company plans to produce a new edition of the Presentation box on an annual basis, and to dedicate each one to a specific theme. The first edition, titled Metropolis, deals thematically with various metropolises around the world. The Metropolis box contains six individual smaller boxes, each representing a specific metropolis. The packaging of each box has been designed in such a way as to symbolize the characteristics and distinguishing qualities of the corresponding city, thereby highlighting the wide variety of ways in which hot stamping and cold foiling can be used to convey messages. The boxes demonstrate how warm or cool metallic tones, glittery holographic structures, lavish structured stampings or sumptuous reliefs can be employed to capture the atmosphere of a city.

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