Stamping Dies

As a member of the KURZ Group, H+M has longstanding experience in the field of hot stamping technology. By continuously developing our state of the art technology, we fulfill the ever-expanding quality demands of our customers.
The user-friendliness of our products is appreciated world-wide.  H+M's specialized consultation with the customer ensures attention to detail and provides a top quality product matching each customer's requirements. 
The ISO-certification (DIN ISO 9001) mirrors the high standards of our employees. We constantly improve and control our quality standard and the quality expectations of tomorrow.

Relief Cut-dies

Relief cut-dies offer tremendous advantages for high-grade serial production. Fast production and reproduction like required for multiple up applications. The CNC engraving program considers factors such as paper thickness and fibre direction of the paper stock. The motive can be reproduced or scaled without limitation, by use of CNC technology. Precast counterdies are quickly reproduced and supplied without delay.

Micro-Embossing dies

Guarantees charming effects on cartons, labels and all other paper stocks. With more than 120 patterns from which to choose, h+m can exactly fit the chosen pattern to your existing motive. The result is a unique, simple, quick and more cost-effective result. This "Value-Added" effect is done by the die using standard foils.

Sculptured dies

H & M rounds out its products with its impressive range of hand-engravings. Staff of H & M combines imagination and creativity to produce unique masterpieces of unmistakable character. The result is a high-quality, artistic and decoratice engraving with fascinating effects and handicraft structures for the most brilliantly detailed motive possible.

Nickel-faced dies

Nickel has a higher hardness than brass. We use this feature to protect the surface of the brass dies. A wafer-thin nickel layer covers the complete surface of the die, further protecting the tool against wear. This moreover supports the cleaning of the dies. With little additional cost, the life span of the brass tools are extended.

Embossing dies 

H+M offers embossing dies with pre-cast counterdies in different executions such as 1-level CNC-engraving, 2-level CNC-engraving, multi-level CNC-engraving, Sculpture dies of hand-engraving and Sculpture dies from CNC. 

Counter dies

Pre-cast counterdies using CNC technology offer deciding advantages for production: The set-up time - especially in multiple-up applications - is considerably reduced. More flexible production is possible, because of the lower set-up times of the stamping machine. Counterdies are inter-changeable in multiple-up applications. Paper thickness and fibre direction of the paper stock is considered. Necessary pressure differences can be considered in production of the counterdies.

Cylinder engravings

H+M manufactures engraved cylinders with the same precision as flat hot stamping tools. Due to the variety of cylinder systems, h+m can produce most types of special cylinders exactly to the customer`s specifications.

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