The Standard for Metallized Hot Stamping Foils

LUXOR® (gold and metallic colors) and ALUFIN® (silver) - the umbrella name in the KURZ Group for its wide range of grades of aluminium metallized foils - is synonymous with expertise in hot stamping technology and highest quality stamping foils. The LUXOR®/ALUFIN® standard program comprises an extensive and most diverse qualities and colors for all sectors within the graphics and plastics decorative industries.

Decades of experience in research and development combined with the most modern production techniques has enabled LUXOR®/ALUFIN® foils to gain a leading position in the stamping foil industry. The properties of all foils in regard to release, edge definition, surface stamping properties, adhesion characteristics, temperature resistance, abrasion/scratch and chemical and physical resistance, are harmonized for the respective applications.

GTS Metalite    
Standard quality with very good temperature resistance. Allows high working speed. Very high gloss level.

Opaque quality for use on untreated cardboard and paper surfaces with good suitability for embossing and textured stamping. Very good coverage. Well suited for relief embossing. Good adhesion in structure embossing. 

Good adhesion on OPP laminated cardboard and paper. Improved stamping speed. Designed for fine to medium stamping details. Good heat resistance.  

Very good adhesive properties on a variety of substrates. Most versatile quality. Prevention of air bubbles, even in the case of relief embossing. Improved adherence on UV-lacquered cardboard and paper. High stamping speed. Outstanding gloss. 

Standard quality for broad area stamping on smooth or grained synthetic book cover materials. Easy release. For medium and broad area designs. 


COLORIT® is the internationally established brand name for the high-quality program of pigmented stamping foils from KURZ. Program offers an extensive and coordinated range of different grades and colours. In this way, it is suitable for all sectors within the graphic and plastic processing industry.

Versatile matt pigment color foil for book covers and other applications
of the graphic industry. Excellent adhesion on many different types of
surfaces. Precise definition. 

Exceptionally well covering matt pigment foil for book covers made of linen and other fabrics, as well as for paper and cardboard materials with coarse surfaces. Excellent covering properties with high abrasion, scratch and rub resistance.


Thanks to their visually exciting diffractive structures, our LIGHT LINE® -hologram foils offer an attractive and contemporary alternative or can act as a complement to our traditional product line. 

The optimized foil grade XL is setting new standards in processability and appearance. Excellent stamping results for medium and large area designs. Very good adhesive properties on both smooth or coarse paper, cardboard, lacquers, acetates or OPP laminated surfaces. High temperature stability.

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