Heat Transfer

KURZ heat transfers have proven themselves in a large variety of different application areas - from the decoration of household appliances to the finishing of cosmetic articles to providing children's items with cartoon images.

This economical and flexible decoration method has found favor in all kinds of different industries. KURZ heat transfers are high quality specialty products that are tailored to the needs of a specific industry or individual customer.

Small volume runs may be run just as easily as large ones, according to our different production processes.

To achieve superior decoration results, stamping foil, application machine and die must be satisfactorily matched. Consequently, there are no standard KURZ design foils - each is custom produced per order according to the customer's requirements. This ensures that KURZ heat transfer foils are always developed with the customer's application processes, substrates and any other particular needs in mind.


High printing quality. Up to 9 colors printed inline. 4-color process combined with solid colors. Subtle color gradations in half-tone images. Combination of matt and glossy elements in one design. Partial metallization combined with solid and half-tone colors. Transparent and backlight colors. Especially suitable and economical for large volume runs.


high printing quality. Up to 6 solid or half-tone colors. 4-color process. Partial metallization with solid and half-tone colors. High opacity. Ultrafine lettering. Perfectly suited for small volume runs. Short lead times. 

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