Thanks to their visually exciting diffractive structures, our Light Line foils offer an attractive and contemporary alternative or can act as a complement to our traditional product line. Product line consists of four different design groups: Light Pattern, Sparkle Bright, Diffraction foils and the Laser group, which can all be used successfully in numerous sectors of the graphics and plastics industries.

Light Line XL 

The optimized foil grade XL is setting new standards in processability and appearance. Excellent stamping results for medium and large area designs. Very good adhesive properties on both smooth or coarse paper, cardboard, lacquers, acetates or OPP laminated surfaces. High temperature stability.


The new features provide an increased level of product protection and a wider choice of optical effects for brand owners looking for a flexible brand protection program closely tailored to individual brand and market requirements. Trustseal meets the three main criteria of an effective security feature: easy to describe, easy to identify and difficult to copy.

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