By specifying KURZ foils, you can
profit from our many years of market leadership and technological expertise. 
KURZ has the right foil solution for all your card components.

Our product line includes magnetic foils of various coercivity, signature foils, and holographic security features. It also includes such special products as tipping, scratch-off and cold indent foils. Through integration of OVD Kinegram AG, KURZ has been able to expand its optical security technology capabilities.

Scratch-off foils

Scratch-off foils serve as a tamper evident layer for personal authorization data on paper and plastic cards such as passwords, PIN numbers and lottery ticket numbers. Scratch-off foils have two functions: they act as a visual barrier mask and as a validation seal. After the hot stamped foil has been scratched off, the secured information becomes visible.

Magnetic foils

Coded magnetis strips are increasingly used on paper tickets used by airlines, trains and other forms of transportation as well as those used for admission to trade shows and entertainment events. 

Signature panels

To round-off its product line, KURZ also sells signature foils that can be effectively signed on by means of biros, ballpoint pens and fiber-tip pens. These form a permanent bond with the card after it is stamped and make it counterfeit-proof. 

Tipping Foils

Tipping Foils are used to stamp the surface of the embossed letters of credit cards. Hot stamping on embossed letters of credit cards in personalizing machines. KURZ tipping foils are like "makeup" for the face of the card.  They are stamped onto the raised lettering during the in-line vertical personalization process.

Cold Indent Foils

Cold indent foils is used for stamping the identification number onto the signature panel of a credit card or directly on the surface of the card. The application method is similar to the principal of a typewriting machine with a colour ribbon. Stamping machines are in-line personalization units.

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