Hot stamping foils are ideal for enhancing the appearance of plastic surfaces. Foils allow exacting decoration combined with superior edge definition resulting in a high-class appearance of brilliant quality.

Wheater you are interested in matt or brushed, metallic
or unicolors, a single image or continuous designs -
KURZ hot stamping foils always visual appeal.

KURZ hot stamping foils are utilized on a wide
assortment of products. These include electronic
devices, household appliances, cosmetics, furniture, automotive parts, and numerous other items.  


PVC based book covers and pocket diaries.


Standard quality. Roll-on stamping with a silicon die on plastic cosmetics parts or other molded parts. Fields of application: Lipstick covers, cosmetic pencils. Suitable Plastics: PS, PVC, ABS, SAN.

SHC 90
Standard quality for cosmetic parts made from PS, PVC, ABS and SAN with very high physical and chemical resistance. Fields of application: Cream containers, lipstick tubes, mascara bottles and caps. 

Standard quality for polypropylene in combination with silicon rubber die. Fields of application: mascara bottles, caps and containers made from PP. 

Standard quality for almost all commonly used plastic materials such as HDPE, LDPE, PS, PVC, ABS, SAN, PETG and PP. Fields of application: PE bottles, powder compacts, caps. Fine line designs. Very high resistance against heat, alcohol and chemicals. Excellent abrasion and scratch resistance.

SLM 17300
Special quality for applications in the consumer electronics, furniture and plastic picture frame industry. Suitable plastics: PS, PVC, ABS, SAN. Fields of application: Loudspeaker rings and grills, accent lines, emblems, knobs and profiles.


Versatile matt color pigment foil for the plastic industry. Suitable for stamping on PS, ABS, hard and soft PVC and SAN. Decoration of thermoplastic components such as PVC cover materials, transparent folders, jewelry boxes and injection components like ball-point pens.  

Matt pigment foil for general use on polyolefin materials. Suitable for PP and PE materials. 


Matt pigment foil for fine designs. Very clean definition.  


Main quality of the glossy pigmnt foil program with a wide range of application in the plastic industry. Suitable for plastic materials such as PS, ABS, SAN. High alcohol resistance. 

Glossy pigment foil quality for general use on PP and PE materials. High adhesion and good covering properties.

PP 800
Glossy pigment foil for PP materials. High abrasion and alcohol resistance.


Metal make-up for plastic products. The surface makes the difference. Brushed product range can be stamped onto either general plastics (PVC, ABS, PS, PMMA) or polyolefins (PP, PE) with the same high edge definition and durability. 


With the collection UNICOLOR / HIGH BRILLIANT METALLIC program we would like to introduce you to the potential options of surface refining. The program is characterized by the variety of designs, which can be achieved due to different production technologies.


Standard program for extruded profiles. Whether profiles or panels, KURZ offer the plastics processing industry
an up-to-date and complete line of reliable products for plastic substrates.

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