KURZ has a large selection of metallized colors and decors on hand that may be used to decorate fabrics with a wide variety of exciting designs.

Top rate technology accompanied by relevant market knowledge guarantee the high quality of our special purpose foils.

 The LIGHT LINE®, LUXOR®/ALUFIN® and COLORTEX product lines are sure to impress with their brilliant colors and will enhance your textiles in a uniquely attractive manner.


Standard quality for textiles. Suitable for special adhesive pre-coated textiles: finest lines and designs. Very good results when hand washed. Fields of application: Evening dress, swinwear, curtains, decorative textiles, T-shirts, Sweat shirts and PE and PP gift ribbons. 


Standard quality for the decoration of artificial leather based on primer treated PU. Good abrasion resistance. Fileds of application: Fashion field, shoes, bags and belts. 


XT is a special purpose product decorating adhesive-coated textiles or decoratice ribbons. Suitable for ultrafine lines or designs. Excellent washability. Applications: Swimwear, evening dresses, curtains, decorative textiles, T-shirts, sweatshirts, decorative ribbons.

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